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Irony or Poetic Justice?

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Jul. 26th, 2006 | 12:31 pm
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posted by: leggybowtwanger in noviawentztop

I love how people just jump to conclusions. Let's get some things strightened out okay?
1) We made this community for fun, and not to be taken extremely seriously.
2) We don't 'hate' Torey (for the most part). Yes, we poked fun. Oh no. You do the same to Pete at viawentztop.
3) No, we are not "OMG i LUV U PEET!11!1!" fangirls/teeny boppers.
4) Yes, we are bitchy when provoked.

K Thanks.

EDIT: The reason I'm posting this is so that the little fuckers on AIM can stop harassing me and get their shit straight.

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