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We love Pete Wentz and we don't bitch.

What a novel idea.

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viawentztop does things that piss us off.


Because they aren't as awesome as we are. It's tragic, I know.

But can we say anything?

No. So we have this place.

You can come here and not have to deal with people bitching about what Pete did with who or shit like that. Discuss it by all means... just leave the bitching out. Or I'll punt your dog over a fence. For realz, yo. I'm fucking crazy.

You can bitch at each other. We don't care about that. In fact we encourage it. Get in a fight.... that's more fun for us. Bitch about vwt if you like to. NO ONE CARES! IT'S LIKE DISNEY LAND BUT WITH NO SCARY COSTUMES MOST OF THE TIME!!

Oh... and no Hey Chris icons. Not ever. I'm sure he's a swell guy. But I fucking hate him. You can bitch about him if you like.

I'm sure there's more. But I'm to tired to think of more.

leggybowtwanger ftw for naming us. I love her hard all night.
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